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VPN for streaming, browsing, social media, gaming, and file sharing. Our VPN provides privacy, security, and protection for Windows, Mac, iPhone & Android.

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Providing secure access to the world’s information

Our beliefs

At AnchorFree, we breakdown walls and borders. We enable people to connect to friends, family, and unrestricted content with our free Hotspot Shield VPN. We provide businesses with solutions to protect their customers. With our products, every app and website you visit is encrypted. Every Wi-Fi network you connect to is protected. We put the power of security, privacy, and access to global content in the hands of the people.
We strongly believe that online privacy is a human right; everybody deserves to browse the web securely and the Internet should remain without borders.

David Gorodyansky, CEO

Strength in numbers

Our team, our advisors, and our investors bring together thought-leadership that impacts millions of people around the world.

How it all started

AnchorFree was founded in 2005 by two friends, David Gorodyansky and Eugene Malobrodsky. Motivated by making an impact in the lives of millions, they started by providing free sponsored Wi-Fi hotspots, before turning their attention towards developing apps that empowered an even greater number of people.

Our promise to you

AnchorFree will never log or store an IP address, protecting your privacy from everyone—including ourselves. All online activities are permanently deleted from our servers the moment a web session ends. We're committed to providing secure, private access to the world's information, for every person on the planet.

Our Hotspot Shield network

Hotspot Shield is AnchorFree’s flagship product. Over 650 million people in 200 countries trust our award-winning VPN to protect their personal privacy, provide industry-leading online security, and deliver unrestricted access to content around the world. Hotspot Shield’s user base grew by over 100 million downloads in the past 12 months.